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Predictor Factory can help with following classes of business goals:

  • Customer Acquisition: targeting those prospects most likely to become customers.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell: targeting those customers most likely to buy more/respond positively to a specific offer.
  • Product Development: segmenting and profiling customers and prospects to define new relevant offers of services/products.
  • Churn Prediction: predicting how likely an existing customer is to take his/her business to a competitor.
  • Fraud Detection: detecting fraudulent activities, such as credit card fraud, abusive insurance claims, etc.
  • Risk Assessment: determining the risk level associated with a particular decision (e.g., granting a mortgage, underwriting some insurance cover).
  • Outcomes Measurement: examining clinical encounter information, insurance claims and billing data to measure the results of past treatments and processes, so as to capitalise on existing strengths and identify areas of improvement.
  • Condition Monitoring: capturing the “normal” behaviour of plant equipment (e.g., rotating machinery such as gas turbines), raising alarms only when significant deviations occur and remedial action is required.
  • Public Health Monitoring: detecting significant deviations from the norm (e.g., infectious outbreaks, bio-terrorist attacks).
  • Discovery: seeking “new” insight by exploring data in a semi-directed way.

Source: Characterising Data Mining software Use of Predictive Analytics in Direct Marketing