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Process breakthrough


  1. A single SQL-92 compliant database with JDBC driver.
  2. Read-only access to the single schema with all the tables to analyze.
  3. Detailed description of all the tables and columns to analyze.
  4. A domain expert with detailed knowledge of the business processes.
  5. An empty schema for temporary tables with read-write access.
  6. “Base table” with three columns:
    1. Id of the entity to classify (like customer_id).
    2. Date/Datetime/Timestamp of the time, when the classification was needed (like application_date).
    3. Target (like is_loan_payed_in_time or order_amount). When the target value is unknown, use NULL value.

Process with time estimates

  1. Connect to the database and validate, that all the requirements are fulfilled (1 day).
  2. Run Predictor Factory. If everything works as expected, just one pass through the database is performed (depends on size, complexity & speed of the database).
  3. Interpret the results (~4 days, depends on the complexity of the database, quality of the documentation and time availability of the domain expert).
  4. Present the results (1 days).


  1. Computed predictors for the target.
  2. SQL code for computing the predictors.
  3. Description of the predictors.
  4. Dashboard in Tableau.