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Quick Start


JRE (Java Runtime Environment) in version 1.8 of higher must be installed. To check the version of the installed JRE, use following command:

java -version

Predictor Factory is using JavaFX present in Oracle's JRE. If a non-Oracle JRE is installed (commonly OpenJDK, the default JRE on Ubuntu), the support for JavaFX has to be installed separately:

sudo apt-get install openjfx

Assuming data are in a SQL database:

  1. Connect to the database with Predictor Factory.
  2. Select an Individual column (typically IdCustomer in PtB and PtC, but in the case of PtD it can be IdContract).
  3. Select a Target column(s) (like purchase in PtB or churn in PtC).
  4. Select where the computed predictors should be stored.
  5. Confirm proposed selection of searched tables (we may have a background knowledge about usefulness of individual tables and speed up propositionalization by removing tables or we may wish to include some remote tables in the search because we are curious about them).
  6. Start the propositionalization. The count of created predictors, the maximal predictor's discriminative power and mean discriminative power of top 100 predictors is periodically reported. The process can be terminated and later resumed anytime.